”What is freedom for me” – Essay, 9c

”Freedom isnt to do what you want to do,
but to not do what you dont want to do…”

I think that quote, explains it all.

Freedom for me is, being able to take my life in my own hands, do it my own way, create my own memories, meet as many people as possible, regret as many things imaginable, cry all over my fears, make my own mistakes, and learn how to start new once again,

Freedom is to say what you believe without being judged or punished.
I am an agnostic atheist, keen on Buddhism and Hinduism.
Who are you, to tell me if that’s right or wrong?
If you were blind, you wouldn’t really be able to tell if a banana is really yellow…. It could be blue.
So just let me be…

Freedom is to look up in the sky, knowing you’re on the right path.
Knowing that there’s going to be a great tomorrow, full of opportunities, and choices to make.

I havent felt like this in a long time.
What if..? But how…? Hmm. Ughh… Could I?
These are my only thoughts.
Full of doubts in a ”future-less” world.

And dont tell me, it isn’t future-less.
‘Cause you don’t know me…
You dont know my dreams, you cant read my mind, you cant live my memories.
You only see that mask called ”public Nina” and that body that shows you only what i’d like it to.
So dont tell me you know me.
Dont tell me, that my world is holding a bright future, for me.

I know it ”doesn’t”.
Because that’s not a ”future”… That’s not a ”mature way of thinking”.
Thats what you’d all say.
What i say is…


Paying taxes and working all-
”Oh wait, am I working to live or am I living to work?
hm. Well it doenst really matter, that is how it is supposed to be, isn’t it”


You only live once, or #YOLO….
but if you do it right, ONCE IS ENOUGH!

-Nina Grigoroudi, 9c, English.


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