”Slap her” – kids reaction


A very sweet video by fanpage.it, in which children get to meet a girl and once they are asked to slap her, they respond in ways that probably none of us would expect.
“Women don’t deserve to be hit by even a flower””why? ‘Cause I’m a man.”

Personally this video made me emotional and hopefull, seeing that there are still chances of a better world.
While i was reading the comments under the Video, I found a really clever one.
”a little story that can slap your heart”

The way she played with the title was just incredible and it reveals, some of the content.

To conclude here, I have to say that regardless of the gender and the age, we should ALL fight AGAINST VIOLENCE.

”An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”  Mahatma Gandhi


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