Making decisions

This is probably the main reason why me and my friend act so weird the last few weeks.

Our conversations always have to do about jobs, money, cigarettes and sex.
The thing is that in the whole class, we are the only ones thinking that way (okay lets say Iron man too, he probably thinks about sex all the time!).
All the others just talk about the English homework or about their marks in the last test.
The whole situation is becoming worse and worse.
We keep stressing ourselves about school and future so much, that we dont even hang out together that much anymore.
My biggest dream was to become an actress, but i cant afford a drama school, so that makes it impossible.
Also I’ve always said that, I will either become an actress or I will not study at all.
You know do something, that will give me enough money to survive and maintain a VW van…
I am afraid of wasting my time, sitting on a chair for hours, keeping notes and then end up in an office doing something i probably wont enjoy, as its not my thing.
I’d love to do something that will give me freedom.
Like traveling or something spiritual, something that has to do with the nature and/or animals and probably i’d love to keep some distance aways from technology.
In the back of my head, theres the idea of living on a beach with some hippies, making music for money, but i am not sure if this is ever going to work…
Then again i would love to have a beach bar, or work in a vegeterian restaurant….
So many things and I still feel lost.
Another problem is I live in Germany since one year and i don’t speak good German!
So this makes it even more difficult when it comes to studying cause i am not going to speak German like a native in just a year.
This post is basically pointless but I had to take it out of me and let people know that they’re not the only ones with no ambition or plans…
At some point.
I hope.


6 thoughts on “Making decisions

    1. the question is : ”how many are the possibilities of finding it when it too late?” – I mean what if we find out what’s the best job for us when we are ‘too old’ for starting over – as nowadays you have to have degrees to become a psychologist, a teacher, a therapist, a cook, a journalist etc?

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      1. The truth is that question do really scare the shit out of me. Like ‘what if I’m taking a pre-law course right now but then after a long time of studying I realize that I want to be a therapist?”, I would like to share an answer that I got from one of my professors, he said (non-verbatim) “look for what you enjoy the most, look for the something that you enjoy doing to the point that even if you fail, you know you will never give up but instead, you’ll try again. I know that being young, you’re an idealistic person, there are many things you want to be but once you find the thing you enjoy the most, close your eyes to the other possibilities and focus on the thing you chose”

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      2. Thank you for the advice, to be honest my dream and passion was to become an actress (and it still is) but after i moved to Germany, things got harder, i didn’t know the language so it was impossible to attend acting lessons or a theater groups as i used to in Greece and i definitely don’t have the money to spend on 3 years of study in a private drama school. This is the reason I am having such a big problem deciding about my future career.


  1. Being honest, I’m not in the position to give you an advice because I’m currently pursuing a 4rth choice career, but the ghost of my 1st choice and ultimate passion (w/c is writing) still hunts me. I know that it is hard but I know that you can learn the language eventually, though hard, you can do it for your dreams, but the problem with the finance, it is also a problem of mine but I wish that you’ll find a way to reach your dream because I know how hard it is to be hunted by ‘what if’s’ of your true passion.

    P.S right now I’m a writing a manuscript, and if its going to be accepted, I’m leaving everything behind to focus on writing 🙂

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    1. That’s amazing I think regardless of the financial problem we all have the possibility of chasing our dreams and passions, that’s called ‘internet’.
      For example I could start my acting/film producing career, through youtube and you could let the world see your passion through a blog or anything that works for you.
      from the one side its sad that people nowadays only have to do with the internet and technology but if you see it that way we should be glad we have it in our lives haha 🙂 good luck with your manuscript !!!


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