I forgot my phone – VIDEO

Today, I have this video for you  ”I forgot my phone”, an interesting title and also a phrase we don’t hear very often in our daily lives, but if we do it sounds more like the end of the world!
The reason I liked this video so much, to  make a post about it is, that it points out our number one companion, our cellphones.
What we dont really realise, while scrolling down on tumblr, is that our life doesn’t stop there.
It keeps going on, the seconds, the hours nothing stays behind just to wait for us.
Even right now that you are reading this, a part of your life is ”wasted” in front of a computer screen. Why? Does it give you better memories, than if you were outside with your friends?
Or even if you’re reading this while you’re having a breakfast with your friends or without, just stop using your smartphone.
  Enjoy the moment, join in the conversation with excitement and grab the day from the…. ears.
Another quote that I love is ”Carpe diem” translated in English : ”Seize the day”.
The first time I found out about it, was while watching the ”Dead Poets Society” in a literature class, some years ago.
I was literally considering creating this blog, for the reason that I didnt want to spend more time, than i already do on the internet. In the other hand the Internet is the best way (fast, used almost by everyone) to share your thoughts.
And by sharing your thoughts to an ”audience” makes it  easier to find people that share the same mind and then create a beautiful community.
I’d go for ”changing the world” which is also the ”ctw” on my URL, but this will take some time to do.
I hope you found it inspirational and please comment down below, what would you like to change in the world if you had the chance?

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