Friends with benefits?

fuck youYou look outside and all you see are people that have nothing to do with each other, saying ”i love you”.
”I love you” – we all have probably heard it many times from ”best friends” or ”life partners” with an expiration date.
Well why do they say this, is it because they mean it or is it because it’s one of the easiest ways to get a woman into bed? And if so why do we even have to lie to each other?
A few days ago I had a conversation with one of the most important men in my life, my neighbor, ”men are like chameleons” he said ”they change into anything the girl wants, trying to fulfill their one and only purpose – sex”
Supposedly they will find out what your interests are and they will build a whole new person based on them – only for you to fall in love with and after they get what they want, you will be the one with a broken heart.
If nowadays relationships are based just on sex then why do we even call them ”relationships”?
If people only want to have some fun then why don’t they make it clear from the start?
Instead of trying to convince each other that our relationship isn’t our camouflaged needs, we could consider having casual sex, but could this mean that Friends with benefits will be the only type of a ”relationship” between people from now on?

~Written by Nina Grigoroudi~


4 thoughts on “Friends with benefits?

  1. I think that sex is a normal need such as eating, peeing etc. what i don’t understand is why do we have to ”fake” our ”love” to get it when we could just ask for it and be honest with our partners (even if they are our life partners or just our partners in crime)


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