Do we work to live, or do we live to work?

We live in a world where everyone is running.
We do everything and it still isn’t enough to fulfill our dreams and expectations.
My teacher today read this text that pretty much sums up all i am trying to say:

c0a21d46699c91166cf2b91b9cc07211Tourist: Hey it’s such a nice weather today. ”click-click’‘ *takes pictures of the sea*
Fisher: Indeed it is.
Tourist: If i was you I would take it to my advantage and i would fish as much fish as possible.”click”
Fisher: And why would you do this?
Tourist: The more fish, the more money and one day you may be able to start your own restaurant.
Fish: But Why would i need a restaurant?
Tourist: This way you will be able to afford trips to sunny places and relax once in a while.
Fish: But Sir I have been doing this the past two hours and the only thing that interrupted it was your ”click”.

This story is based on two kind of people, the one that works to feed his needs, spending the rest of his time the way he wants  and the one that lives according to his working hours trying to enjoy a week or two the way he wants.
Are we really born to waste our lives trying to have enough money for our vacation?
Is everything we buy important for our happiness?
Could we separate our real needs from the unnecessary ones and live based on that?


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