Drunk thoughts.

Light me up a cigarette and bring me close to death,
i wonder how it feels like, my life’s a living helldrunk thoughts
Will you forget?
Will you be chosen?
Will you be hopeless or will you be impressed?
I wonder how it feels like, will i feel any pain?
My heart, my bones,
No empathy.
a tear, is warming up my cheek.
I am all alone.
No ones around.
Can someone hear that sound?
I’m crying, I’m screaming.
Not sure if i’ll get lost.
Does anybody care?
Is anybody near me?
Does anybody feel the love I’ve left inside me?
Don’t worry.
I wont hurt you,
I love you more than that.
I love you and I’m leaving you.
I’m burning from inside.
I wanna see you happy and that’s the only way, you being here without me,
I’m not going to be there.
No pain inside, No fear.
I’m doing this for both of us,
so you don’t have to hear….
you don’t love me.
Not the way i do.
You don’t really care
It’s only YOU FOR YOU!
I’ll stay back here and haunt your mind.
Forget all i have said.
You don’t deserve my love,
I don’t deserve your hate!


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