The girlfriend

the gfJ – Do you want to be my girlfriend?
K- Just let me think for a second

Oh my god, did Josh, my crush just ask me to be his girlfriend? Mary is not going to believe this!
Wait, does he want me to be his girlfriend or his ”girlfriend”?
Does he want to take me out to dinner in one of the cheap fast-food restaurants, even though he could have saved his money up for something better?
Does he want to kiss me goodnight as after bringing me home?
Does he want to take pictures with me, cook with me, sleep with me, hug me?
Dos he want to be one of the most important people in my life and let me be his?
Would he ever call me his baby, maybe I could also be his lady, his teddy, or will I only be – Katy?
Will he love me, will he support me, will he accept me and motivate me?
Will he let me talk when I am delirious, is he going to care?

Or does he only want a girlfriend, so that he says he has a ”girlfriend”
Does he wanna play?
Is this a game?
Is it because he thinks I am easy?
Am I going to be his 2- months ”relationship”?
His 3 Nights-stand?
Is it just all it’s meant to be and them BOOM, his gone and I’m left behind with a destroyed heart in return?
J – So? Do you want to be my love?
K – Yes.

— Sometimes we have to take the risk, we have to let ourselves fall, because either it’s going to be great or it’s going to be an experience, a lesson and a blessing.
You may feel like dying, believe me you are NOT.
Your soul is only getting a little bit more boost to be reborn.
If something didn’t work out as we wanted, let it be, move on and let it be your motivation to find something you really deserve.

~Written By Nina Grigoroudi~


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