change your life – motivational poem

Life is so short,
We are all fighting for survival
We lose our friends but we make new ones
We waste all of our money but we earn more than we used to have
we love but, are we loved?

we are full of dreams
we dream big.
Everyday all the time
But we have, nothing.
we keep out imaginary lives in our head
Only a few of us try to bring them in life.
I think that’s lack of motivation

We let it possess us
We forget who we are
we want to be alone,
and that’s what happens
so you realise that’s not what you really wanted….

Change it!
How? You cant go back in time
You are hopeless
You start dreaming of it being different
It’s your fault, only yours
It’s your life.
It’s you that CAN change it.
So let your selfishness go, and do it!


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