Being a WOMAN


I am a woman
I am a daughter
I am a living human being

I do have feelings
and i cry very often when life gets hard but,
i never give up

Society makes me look ”PERFECT”
Fabulous curls, thin waist, no stretch marks
oh wait, does this mean i am ”UGLY”?

Men – the kings
The dominant sex on this planet
They have every right to turn us into their slaves
They can insult us, leave us, hit us and mistreat us

Does this sound right to you?

We are women
We are daughters
We are living human beings

No one has the right to disrespect us or expose us

We are beautiful
We are strong
We are all we would ever want to be

So lets show them how great we are Dammit

~Written by Nina Grigoroudi~


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