C- Hello, mmagicy name is Charlie, I spent 7 years of my life looking for… M A G I C.
Yes, I kept food in my room so that fairies and brownies come more often, I left a bottle of coca-cola in the balcony for Santa Claus and I had elixirs for every situation.
My father bought me every single book that talked about this stuff, I’ve kept only one – my favourite.
When I look back in time it feels as if my memory has been removed, I only remember a few things and I am pretty sure I am never going to forget them. No I am not a kid anymore, I have a life, I am not crazy and I kept talking openly about my past. Probably you are all wondering right now, ”Do you think magic really exists?”, let me tell you this.
One night, the voices in the living room woke me up, it was my parents screaming to each other, but that didn’t make me sad at all, they woke me up right on time, I saw the tooth fairy going away with a tooth of mine. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I only stood there and looked at her, she had the shine of a star, the confidence of a butterfly and the grace of the wind.
”wow” I said and then I saw her flying away.
This story has been changed many times, to my friends I said i talked with her, to my mum i said she kissed me goodnight-only because that night she was the one that didn’t and in the end, everyone made me believe that this was all just in my head.
I kept growing up, believing that this was just a childish game that I created.
I stopped hoping, so nothing like this happened ever again.
But some months ago,, as I was walking with a group of my friends through the forest, heading to a waterfall, I found magic again.
This time it was in a form of a fire fly, hidden behind a flower.
It was the first time I ever saw anything like this, it felt as if i was in one of my grandmother’s fairytails.
I wanted to take a picture so badly, but I preferred to keep this magic moment for me and only in my memories.
Since this night, I started believing again.
Magic doesn’t always mean seeing dragons and elves on your way home or being allowed to use their magic wands in your benefit. You can only  feel it, you feel a bit of warmth inside you, it turns you into the little kid you used to be, before society turned you into a slave.
You can find magic everywhere, if you are a gardener you probably work with magic everyday, the way a seed changes into a tree, the whole process  is magical.
Seeing a newborn baby becoming a grandmother with time…..
Life is magic.
Love is magic.
YOU are magic.

~Written by Nina Grigoroudi~
Based on a true story.


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