unfulfilled love

”I feel like we’re in a book” I said and his answer is silence.
”I don’t know why” I repeat waiting for a reply.
”But it’s great here, don’t you think?”.
I looked at him and I understood everything…
His eyes were glowing as his lips were forming a shy smile.
I would never want to leave this place, I would love to stay here forever, in this single moment.
I sat next to him and in the next minute I felt his lips soft against mine.
The energy around us made it feel like it was d e s t i n y.
”By the river, in love”
He made a step back, looked at me and smiled.
In my eyes he is a sunny boy, with so much love and light in his heart, that just escaped from reality.
You would probably call him stupid, a junkie that falls deeper and deeper into this black hole created by drugs.
His only escape.
Maybe for you it’s hard to understand what i mean, or maybe I am just wrong.
”A way I describe drugs is like Pandora’s box” he told me one day ”You get everything good and everything bad…”.
Personally I couldn’t have agreed more, all of this pain you feel sometimes, the emptiness when you are sober…
If you asked me I would say I know why my mother always warned me..
”Once you start you just cant stop” she used to say to me.
No, not because you love them more than yourself, or because you are addicted.
You are just one of the few that got to know the other side.
The ones that can’t stand this ”reality” anymore.
You learn to live with them.
After a while you will no longer enjoy your meals as you used to, you will always have the feeling that something is missing when you spend time with your loved ones and here we go.
This whole ”reality”, our ”reality” is based on drugs.
We are still looking at each other.
It feels like love, it feels like freedom.
I am finally happy.
”Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
”I would like to take it slow”
”what do you mean?”
”I mean that every time I take it fast, it doesn’t work”

~Written by Nina Grigoroudi~
Based on another unfulfilled love of mine…


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