ADDICTION (part 2)

N – *cough* Many times. Since last year i have been doing this every day, school, back home, I spent my time arguing with my mother until she was leaving to work and then finally i was lighting me up a joint. This used to be something like my escape, society has been killing me since i was a small kid. I ALWAYS try to do things right, but every time someone comes back with a list of what i did wrong.
C- You put this whole story in a past form, is it different now?
N- Since one and half weeks i haven’t been smoking. My mother found it out. It was about time to be honest, if i was her i would have known it since the start.
C- So you are basically afraid to continue, that’s why you stopped it…
N- No… I just realised that she was right. I am supposed to be studying, I am 17 years old and i still have no plan, what is it supposed to give me anyways? Too much stress with her and police, I was being paranoid but i kept doing it, cause i love it…
C- Let me tell you the basic steps to ADDICTION.
. Dosage increase
. Obsession
. Health Risk
. Tolerance against it
”But it was such a great period, had some really good time… Funny stories, moments of pure stupidity, so many memories… and everything had to do with it. Nothing makes fun anymore without it, I miss this feeling so much, the taste, the smell, everything….” *crying*
C- Is everything okay? Why are you crying?
N- I just love weed way too much. This whole year has been a great time. I don’t know if I will manage to stay away from it for so long…
C- That’s called addiction Nicole, I would like to see you next time.

~written by Nina Grigoroudi, based on a true story~


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