ADDICTION (part 1)

*Knock, knock*
C- Please come on in
”She sounds friendly” I opened the door, sat in one of her pretty comfortable sofas and wondered ”what am I doing here anyways?”
C- Who would you like to start first? I mean would you like to introduce yourself or is it a bit awkward?
N- I’ve never been in a place like this before, so i am not really sure about what i am supposed to say…
C- No problem, I was expecting this reaction. My name is Carin, I am working here since 20 years, I’ve seen many people, heard many stories and I appreciate that people actually come here to share them with me.
N- I am Nicole, going to school and I came here only because I was curious and wanted to hear another opinion
C- Aright, are there any questions you would like me to answer?
N- What is going on in here? I mean supposedly drug addicted people come here seeking for help, why?
C- They come here to talk with me, get informed, share with me their experiences and as you said before – ”hear another opinion”
N- I don’t get it, how does talking to you keep someone away from consuming illegal substances…?
”it feels like every time I open my mouth one more piece of my negativity comes out”
C- Haha, I ask the same thing myself every day. I suppose it doesn’t really prevent them from doing it, it only gives them the opportunity and the mental support that they need. If you love drugs more than yourself, nothing will ever help you, except of you.
N- Did you ever come in touch with drugs in a younger age?
C- No. Personally I was never curious, I never felt the urge to try something out, to get high or however you would call it.
N- How can you then understand and help your patients?
C- In High school I was in a relationship with a guy, in the start everything was great, we were both happy and complete with each other. He used to smoke, normal cigarettes i mean. but after his mother died, one of the ”cool” ones  gave him another type of a cigarette, something to help him relax, to help him forget and this  became his new  a d d i c t i o n.
After a year he tried something else, something called ecstasy. When I met him he was one of the best students, but then he wanted to make party every night, I thought it was just a phase that’s why I stayed there until he finally stops and comes back to me. This never happened, I saw him destroying himself day by day and sadly I was just there unable to help him.
N- So this explains the reason you decided to become a drug counselor… You couldn’t save your love back then, so you would like to save someone else’s.
C- Now let me return your question, did you ever come in touch with drugs?

~written by Nina Grigoroudi, based on a true story~


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