On The Shorter End Of Sonnenallee – Essay

opp 26

Another day full of their paranoia in Sonnenallee.
People running on the streets, in the dark trying to save themselves, even though they have no idea what has been going on.
Darkness everywhere.
You hear so many noises that make it hard to understand and separate them.
The sound of his gun.
The bullet ran straight to my friend.
A feeling of numbness pass throughout my whole body. FEAR.
The first thing I managed to do was to pick him up halfway and ask if everything is okay, i got no answer.
This whole thing has stopped being fun.
Now I realised that listening to banned songs out loud, ”Moscow, Moscow” is not important at all.
This has been just a game, something like sick and hide for us…
But, right now, in this very moment, it’s real!
The danger that runs after us is way more real than the needle of my disc-player stroking the newest album of ”the rolling-stones”.
He opened his eyes, just like a newborn baby and you could see in his look that he was also shocked.
The first thing he did was to place his hand under his jeans jacket and raise his fresh-new broken-by-the bullet disc.
”NO! Not my disc it costed me a fortune!” everyone around him started laughing, including myself.
So is this how it feels, once you step into adulthood?
Responsible, logical, Thoughtful…
Wuschel only cared about his disc, something that all the rest of us would do too, some weeks ago.
But I. I noticed that it saved his life, it took a bullet for him, cause he deserves one more chance to see the morning sun tomorrow.
I was thinking about all of this while i was walking home…
Life moves on so quickly..
You have no idea what is going to happen in the next fifteen minutes.
There is only one thing we should all accept.
Only if i had a clock counting down the years, months or maybe days before I die, i would know when to run to Miriam’s house and spend my last moment kissing her passionately.
This would be our promised kiss!
I haven’t seen her since weeks, she doesn’t talked to me because she thinks i ignored her.
Who on earth would ever ignore Miriam and why?
But she doesn’t know the whole truth…
The reason i never visited her that night is because i was under control of the ABV.
I ran out of my house, after her unexpected phone call, without taking anything with me.
No keys, no money, no Identity card….
I was in the police station until my mother realised i was gone and came to take me.
I never though that seeing me would be so important for her though…
Normally she is way to pretty to even look at someone like me, and now?
Now she invites me to her house and gets mad if i don’t appear.
If only i had one more chance…
One more invitation, that would be enough for me to make the best out of it.
And then i would know.
I would know, I had spent these fifteen minutes with the prettiest girl in the world.
In the short end of Sonnenallee.


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